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Origin of the Universidad del Salvador

The Society of Jesus, that founded the first Argentine University in the city of Cordoba in 1622, creates the Superior Institute of Philosophy in the seat of the Colegio del Salvador (primary and secondary levels). This Institute is the nearest precedent for the Universidad del Salvador.

In the year 1955, by Decree N 6403, the National Executive authorises the establishment of Private Universities and the following year, on May 2nd., the Foundation Act of the "University Faculties of El Salvador" is signed.

On May 15th, 1958 the name is changed by "University Institutes of El Salvador" which are acknowledged as Private University with the name of "Universidad del Salvador" on December 8th, 1959, by the Decree N 16.365.

Due to the Decree N 132/73, the requirement of the "Final Tests of Professional Training" is abolished for the Universidad del Salvador, thus the graduated students obtain directly the nationally valid academic degree.

Since its foundations, the University depended on the Society of Jesus who appointed its highest authorities through the Civil Association Universidad del Salvador.
In March 1975, the Society entrusted the management to a group of lay-people who took on the responsibility of keeping the identity of the Universidad del Salvador in meeting their goals and aims.

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